Pheonix Boat Trips


Sula is very fortunate to cruise in the Inner Moray Firth where there is a vast array of wildlife to view.

Of course most passengers hope to see the local pods of bottlenose dolphins and during the majority of our longer two hour trips dolphins are sighted but obviously as with any wildlife we cannot guarantee sightings.

There are bottlenose dolphins resident in the Inner Firth but they have successfully increased from the original estimation of 130 to approx 220 and can be seen from Northern Scotland to Aberdeen. The bottlenose dolphins are the largest in the world growing up to four metres and their calf's are very small at about one metre long. The calves stay with their mothers for up to six years and there nothing more memorable than seeing mother and calf chasing fish and playing in the surf.

Other species of wildlife include seals, porpoises, occasionally minke whales and basking sharks.

There are also a vast array of bird life which include Gannets, Guillemots, Cormorants, Herons, Osprey, Red Kites and Peregrine falcons.